Женская обувь оптом. Производство женской обуви.
Женская обувь оптом. Производство женской обуви.
PGVЖенская обувь оптом. Производство женской обуви.
Женская обувь оптом. Производство женской обуви.
Женская обувь оптом. Производство женской обуви.
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Modern shoes have become a fashion accessory and part of the image. That’s why the ideology of «PGV» TM is aimed at creating collections that cover various fashion trends and trends, specific for the season, in the best way.

Company TM «PGV» offers you women's shoes models, which nowadays are very popular among stylish, modern women who love the convenience and comfort, but do not forget about the visual appeal of their shoes. Your total well-being, your mood and your desire to work and to improve do depend from the comfort of your feet.
We are offering you to enjoy buying fashionable, comfortable and qualitative women's shoes! Welcome to the world of wonderful shoes!

The «PGV» TM was established in 1996. Since its inception and till now on, the «PGV» company is engaged in women's shoes manufacturing. The «PGV» company offers you a wide range of high quality women's casual and dress shoes.
If you are interested in women’s shoes, the «PGV» company is definitely that, what you actually need. Our website offers you the company’s catalog, where you can find a wide range of top-class women’s shoes models, that are constantly updated and being improved.

The TM «PGV» footwear is made of the finest materials and components only. Also, the company «PGV» produces models of women's shoes, which almost have no analogues in Ukraine through the use of high-tech equipment, created by the world's leading manufacturers.

Our women's shoes «PGV» - is the ability to choose a model all by yourself. With us you will realize that women's shoes, purchased in our company, do not allow saving on quality or visual appeal. Thanks to our own manufacturing, we can set the lowest prices for the production just for you.
At any time you like, you can visit our website and catalog of women's shoes, quietly and leisurely browse featured available shoe models, and choose the one that's perfect for you. If you want to buy women's shoes wholesale, then you won’t definitely find the better variant. We can find an individual touch to every client.

Women's shoes wholesale from the company «PGV» - is one more step on the path to a successful future.

With us you can start your own business: offering your customers the truly high-quality models of women's shoes from the domestic manufacturer. Women's footwear brand «PGV» will help go on living free and easily to each of your customers.

Years of experience and perfect work on footwear production showed that we create our models for people who are experts in style and quality. We are constantly improving and our designers are always eager to surprise you with something new. Our models of women’s shoes are our vision of the world of fashion.

We will be glad if you value it! Make a call us today, and tomorrow you'll be one step closer to your successful future.

To see the collection of autumn 2014 - winter 2015 type in login: stas; password:020214